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The DiTullio’s Teach The Event Planner A Lesson

So, as you can imagine, I have been to many parties in my life. From my childhood to my older self now I have been so fortunate to have a family who had a party at the drop of a dime. My Mom, Dad, Aunts and Uncles, seemed to pull it together seamlessly - food, linen, set up, it all seemed so easy when I was younger looking on as my parents entertained pretty much every weekend of my life. So you ask, did I always want to be an event planner? – NO…I wanted to be a nurse in the Navy, but instead I went into Patent and Trademark Law – not much on the entertaining side. But my life was filled with entertaining, planning parties, mother/daughter luncheons for my mom and her friends, then the kids came, and of course all the parties and milestones. The event planner part did not come until after my daughter got married and my family said to me – this is what you should be doing, you were made for this – and alas, with the support of my family and husband and a great friend who was my partner in the beginning of this crazy journey Sue Bronson, Dolce Amica came to be.

I love a party, I love the set up, the design, the food, everything about it, but to be honest I love to be asked to attend a party. But most of the time, when I do attend a party, people think I am rating their party. Well, they are probably right, there are things that drive me crazy, that I would do differently, but it does not make their party any less of one, any less fun or any less memorable than a party I would throw.

This weekend my husband and I were invited to a great friend’s summer party. I thought I truly knew everything there was to know about event planning, you know, all the logistics, timing, how much food and drink you need and of course the bar, where should it be set, who do you invite, what will make It special. We only knew a few people at the party, so I started just to observe everything that was happening around me. People laughing, getting to know one another, just being happy together. There was food on all different tables, an Abbotts truck in the driveway (incredible!) and loads of drinks for everyone. Their daughter has a business called Hostess Helpers. She and her friend were serving, cleaning up, taking photos, just doing what I would have hired someone to do at a party. It was awesome to watch.. But what I walked away with after was truly a surprise.

At this party I learned a great lesson, one that took me years to learn, but one that John and Debbie DiTullio have down pat. They were hosting this party, and they were having a blast! I found myself thinking that this is the most important thing one can do – have fun at your own event…what a concept, one that was never on my list. (The list I am going to throw away now!!!) I find myself being envious of such an outlook as most people are overwhelmed or just let the work and planning overcome them so the stress becomes too much to bear. Not these two, cool as cucumbers, and ready to -party. They made everyone feel special. That is a successful party !

So if you think you cannot throw a

party, that is just nonsense. Anyone can throw a party – the idea is to just have a good time, enjoy your guests and enjoy all the hard work you put into the day. Thank you Debbie and John for reminding me that in this crazy, busy world, we need to take time to let loose and enjoy!!!

Happy Planning,


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