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About Karen

I have found my passion and I truly love what I do each day.   I enjoy getting to know my clients and making their event a memory for all involved.  Events are like relationships, you become involved, you build on the relationship and in the end most of my clients become my friends.   There is no better feeling than at the end of any event, finding everyone happy!

The Small Details

I have always been passionate about what I do, but I do understand that it takes more than just passion to make any event an amazing experience.  It takes talent, and surrounding yourself with a network of people who share your mantra that we do not just work in our respective fields, but we love and care about what we do.   We put our client's needs first so that every detail that is important to them resonates through their event.  We sometimes work long and crazy hours, but we do not believe we work on events, there is no love in that.  We take care of our clients' event planning needs so the details most important to them shine through.

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