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How Much Does It Really Cost To Be A Guest At A Wedding?

Do any of us ever think about budgeting to be a guest at a wedding? I would say most of us would say NO! A study from The Knot has shown that an average guest at a wedding spend approximately $888.00 and if you are part of the wedding party it can be over $1,000.00.

My first thought can that be, I don't think I spend that much. The true cost of a wedding differs depending upon where the wedding is being held. Are you going out of town, is it a destination wedding? All of these questions come into play. Once you really think about the things we do to prepare just to be a guest, you may be surprised at how the costs mount. For example, wedding clothes, transportation, gas, hotel, gifts!. When adding all this up you may be spending more than you think. The average cost of just wedding attire can run $81.00 or more. More than 505% of guests will buy something new to wear, according to the study.

Now if you are a member of the wedding party, you will face higher costs and have less control on what you may have to spend. The final choices on the clothing, suits, or tuxes are made by the Bride and Groom in most cases. Think of that gown you bought for $300.00 and never will be able to wear again. Today we are finding both Brides and Grooms to be more aware of the costs for their bridal party and giving them the choice to wear a suit they already own or buy a suit which can be used again. IN the case of the girls, Brides have given the option to choose a dress that fits their body type and something they may be able to wear again. We hope the trend of the mindful Bride and Groom continue!

But think about this....the average cost of wedding transportation is $325.00, accommodations $350.00, a wedding gift $200.00. It can get out of hand quickly. Try to think of sharing rooms and transportation with other guests. If you cannot afford to give a monetary gift, think of a gift that may have true meaning to the Bride and Groom and will not break the bank.

The moral is weddings are not only costly for the hosts, but also the guests!

I still love a good wedding,


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