You Do Not Have To Blow Your Budget On Catering For Your Event!

There is a way to have it all. Think about food and beverage as you’re planning your event. Here are 3 helpful hints for catering an event that won’t blow the budget out of the water! The Venue: When you start to think about throwing that party, the first thought is that we want our guests to have a wonderful experience, one they will remember, so of course we love the idea of hosting events in some great unique spaces such as museums, art galleries, and outdoor spaces overlooking the water. These venues can create a beautiful atmosphere, but often come with a price tag to match. Most of these types of venues and event centers have their own in-house kitchen and staff to take care of t

How Much Does It Really Cost To Be A Guest At A Wedding?

Do any of us ever think about budgeting to be a guest at a wedding? I would say most of us would say NO! A study from The Knot has shown that an average guest at a wedding spend approximately $888.00 and if you are part of the wedding party it can be over $1,000.00. My first thought can that be, I don't think I spend that much. The true cost of a wedding differs depending upon where the wedding is being held. Are you going out of town, is it a destination wedding? All of these questions come into play. Once you really think about the things we do to prepare just to be a guest, you may be surprised at how the costs mount. For example, wedding clothes, transportation, gas

Are You An Event Planner? ...The Answer is YES!

I am a true believer that each and every meal, party, get-together or even that impromptu guest stopping over can be made special. It does not take money, it just takes some time to think about the little details that help us all feel special. You are probably asking yourself, how do I make the time to even think about adding some experience to the everyday things? I can tell you from experience, that long before I became an event planner, I was an event planner. In essence, we are all event planners! We plan at our jobs, for our children at school, we have calendars for all the milestones in our lives, we plan gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and all of those holidays

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