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Are You An Event Planner? ...The Answer is YES!

I am a true believer that each and every meal, party, get-together or even that impromptu guest stopping over can be made special. It does not take money, it just takes some time to think about the little details that help us all feel special. You are probably asking yourself, how do I make the time to even think about adding some experience to the everyday things? I can tell you from experience, that long before I became an event planner, I was an event planner. In essence, we are all event planners! We plan at our jobs, for our children at school, we have calendars for all the milestones in our lives, we plan gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and all of those holidays in between. We make sure we have special meals planned for those special days. So you see you ARE an event planner!!!

I was very lucky to grow up with parents who were very inspirational and talented. A chef for a father, a mother who could not only cook, clean and take care of us, but truly was a great artist. Each day I felt like there was always company coming over, as we set the table, made sure the food looked like it came from a restaurant kitchen on the serving dishes. All of these small things created "events" and memories in my life. It took me awhile to realize that this was my calling, but once I did, my first event would be one of the largest and most emotional in my life...our daughter's wedding. It was a year of my life I will treasure forever, from that day I knew not only was this my passion, but I was meant to do this, to make memories for other people, as my Mom and Dad did for us our entire lives.

So when you set your table for dinner tonight, add a cloth napkin, or fold that paper napkin in a cute shape - tonight will be an event! Every day is an event if we just take time to make it special.

Happy Eventing!!!


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