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Something Borrowed  Rentals

Something Borrowed is a wedding and special event rental company featuring unique rental decor, including custom made arbors & backdrops, sweetheart tables, sweets displays, vintage furniture and more. We enjoy working with you to find statement pieces that will add special touches to your day to make your wedding, shower, graduation, birthday party, or corporate event distinctively yours. We also love working with photographers to create breathtaking backdrops.

Dawn Meyvis, the owner & founder, has always loved creating visually appealing spaces - decorating is her joy. She believes just as your home is a reflection of you, the same should hold true for your special event.  Dawn has combined her experience as a Corporate Event Planner with her passion for home décor to create her boutique event rental company - Something Borrowed. She has always loved being creative and mixing old with new styles so she has put her touches on refinishing many of the hand selected pieces.

This journey is not only about the love for decorating and how rewarding it feels to pull off a special event. It's about the path. It's about the people met along the way when on the hunt for unique pieces. It's about answering an ad for a beautiful chair, and finding yourself sitting in a living room with a lovely couple who is selling their home, and truly enjoying hearing about the decades of history. It's about the hugs and tears, yes tears, when they are told that we will take good care of their special piece and will give it a new chapter as they are beginning theirs. It's about when we get in the car, and know we’ve touched a heart, as we wonder whose chapter this chair will be a part of next.  For us, it's about naming that chair Mimi, after the lovely woman, and believing each piece of our collection having a story, a soul.

Our inventory is a curated collection of statement pieces all picked for their history & charm, or custom-made with love to make your day and photos memorable. The best part is we hunt, pack, haul, style, deliver & pick up so you can relax and enjoy your special day! And since you borrowed them, you don’t have to worry about storing and selling afterwards.

Something Borrowed takes great pride in being a design driven company and will continue to dream & create new and unique pieces to share with you. We love brainstorming ideas and ways to mix and match our line so let’s chat about your vision and how we can make it come to life!

Each piece of our collection has a story, a soul. And we love making them a part of your special memories.


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Phone: 585-303-9798






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