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Make The Holidays A Bit More Stress Free!

I was a firm believer in the past that you had to do it all, and when I mean all, I refer to all the cooking, the baking, the decorating, shopping and wrapping, all of the things that come with the Christmas Holiday. I still do all of these things but I have taken a very different approach. All holidays were made very special by my parents, and especially by my Dad, who was a food artist! My Mom would set the table to look like you were at the most fine dining place in the world as my Dad would be in the kitchen getting the most delicious food you could image prepared. The food was not only delectable, but his presentation was flawless. My parents pulled this off for our family, but the door was open to all of their friends, our cousins, Aunts, Uncles, anyone who could not get home for the Holidays. The gifts were wrapped, the cookies were baked and it seemed seamless.

I learned from them to make the Holidays as special as I could for everyone around me, but with that also came the stress of getting everything done. Let me make it always gets done, and of course I never asked for help, why would you do that? That would only make life so much easier. These days my approach is somewhat different. I still do all the things that are our family tradition, but I take the help, I make sure to enjoy the Holiday and all who walk through our door to share it with us. I now enjoy the time we spend together. I have become much more relaxed. I write this as I am sitting on a plane to Mexico for 6 days during the month of December! Can you believe someone would go away before the Holidays? I would ask myself that all the time. When my husband and I were asked to go on this trip with our best friends in the world, who happen to be our Aunt and Uncle, I thought…NEVER. I could not leave a couple of weeks before Christmas. How will I get everything done. But sitting here and writing this I feel more relaxed than I have ever been. Yes, I am organized and things are done and ready for the Holidays, but most important I took time for my husband and me to enjoy an opportunity we had to be in the sun and warmth of Nayrit, Mexico with some of the most important people in our lives.

I share this for all of you who sit down on December 26th and rejoice that the Holiday Season is somewhat over. Instead, enjoy the now. If you miss making the gingerbread this year…it really will be okay. Make it easy on yourself. Having a party…hire a server and bartender – believe me it changes the whole dynamic of entertaining. Spend time with the people you love and surround yourself with the Joy of the Holiday Season.

I have to go now as our plane will be landing in a place I have never been. A new adventure. A new memory.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Prosperous and Happy New Year filled with all the Love and Happiness surrounded by family and friends.


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